Being an entrepreneur is a mindset. You have to see things as opportunities all the time.At Elytetc Consult , we are committed to building human capacity in Entrepreneurship thereby introducing business opportunities for new startups in the area of Agriculture,Skin/Home-care,and mentoring young entrepreneurs in order to understand how to start-up and build businesses so that the unemployment rate in Nigeria can be reduced.

An entrepreneur is the key source of innovation and variation in an economy. It is actually one of the most important tools of an entrepreneurs success. They use innovation to exploit opportunities available in the market and overcome any threats.

So this innovation can be a new product, service, technology, production technique, marketing strategy, etc. Or innovation can involve doing something better and more economically. Either way in the concept of entrepreneurship, it is a key factor.

Entrepreneurship and risk-taking go hand in hand. One of the most important features of entrepreneurship is that the whole business is run and managed by one person. So there is no one to share the risks with.

Not taking any risks can stagnate a business and excessive impulsive risk-taking can cause losses. So a good entrepreneur knows how to take and manage the risks of his business. But the willingness of an entrepreneur to take risks gives them a competitive edge in the economy. It helps them exploit the opportunities the economy provides.

Vision or foresight is one of the main driving forces behind any entrepreneur. It is the energy that drives the business forward by using the foresight of the entrepreneur. It is what gives the business an outline for the future – the tasks to complete, the risks to take, the culture to establish, etc.

All great entrepreneurs of the world that started with an entrepreneurship business are known to have great vision. This helps them set out short term and long term goals for their business and also plan ways to achieve these objectives.

In entrepreneurship, it is essentially a one-man show. The entrepreneur bears all the risks and enjoys all the rewards. And sure he has the help of employees and middle-level management, yet he must be the one in ultimate control. This requires a lot of organization and impeccable organizational skills.

An entrepreneur must be able to manage and organize his finances, his employees, his resources, etc. So his organizational abilities are one of the most important elements of entrepreneurship.


Agricultural Business

Agricultural entrepreneurship, marketing and management experience in all forms of farming which includes

Food Crops
Cash Crops
Poultry Farming
Fish Farming
Pig Farming & general animal husbandry etc

We partner with international companies to help provide organic fertilizer which aid all our farming process.
This would be of great interest to personels who want to partner & build businesses with us which would yield great profit. Agropreneur,Farmers & Agro enthusiate take note.

We plan, build and advice on farming, management and mentoring.We are expanding on our export capacities.

Our desire is to provide farmers with quality products for their farms and as well provide them with quality information via counsel and practical teaching..

We advertise, sell and supply fertilizers to all parts of Nigeria.
We consult for farms and other agro-based establishments with clients spread all over the nation and beyond. We disseminate information via different fora: lectures, seminars, and trainings


We are a group of people passionate about beauty and body dreams fulfillment. We help people around the world by offering a comprehensive range of beauty tips to our customers, with a focus on skin care and wellness. We also offer opportunities to entrepreneurship who want to build business in that direction.

Our skin is the most delicate and important part of every human being. This is because our skin beautifies our whole body. A beautiful skin, a beautiful person. A proper skin care is important because our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping the skin health and moist help against this barrier.


Proper skin care is vital if you’re concerned about your physical appearance. Unhealthy skin tends to appear sallow and dull, whereas healthy skin appears full and vibrant. Wrinkles develop with more ease and sink deeper if your skin is dehydrated and unhealthy, and it can result in uneven patches that have a mottled color. When skin is unhealthy it loses elasticity, which can make it sag and appear thin.

Proper skin care is not only about looking good, it’s about staying healthy. Poor skin care habits can lead to rashes, sores, acne and wrinkles. Unhealthy skin is more susceptible to disease, infection and is more likely to scar after an injury. Proper care is particularly important for people who experience skin issues, such as psoriasis, or have skin allergies.

Keeping Skin Healthy
Skin is constantly growing and changing, so you have to remain vigilant in caring for it. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and maintain a balanced diet to provide the vitamins and minerals your skin needs. Stick with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein for the best results. Always make sure to use sunblock if you’re going to spend time outside.


Is it important to take good care of not just our body but also our homes?
The answer is yes.
We are set out to enable both ourselves and the people living around us live a clean and healthy life.
Cleaning of our homes and taking care of our skin is very important and also the type of cleaning appliances you use and products you use are very very important. Therefore we consult to help people generate a clean and healthy environment with how they take care of their homes.

Why should we do that?
Home care kills germs as germs suppress your immune system and cause you to be prone to various sicknesses. However by continuously cleaning your home with a quality disinfectant you can kill up to 98% of daily germs and keep your family healthy.